The phenomenon of depression manifests itself in many different forms, haunting us with its simultaneously inescapable, diffuse and pervasive presence. The rich thickness of depression is often severely drained and confined within the overall field of psychology, in which this phenomenon is regularly expressed as an all-encompassing, diagnostic label, to limitedly describe an almost endless number of symptomatic permutations. We shall attempt to distill something of depression’s essence in returning to its ancient, etymological, spiritual and metaphysical roots, in order to begin transcending the traditional clinical notion of depression as simply a disease to be cured and suppressed. The relatively rare and unique theoretical lens and tools offered by phenomenology (as supplemented and informed by personal interviews with people who have personally struggled with depression), allows us to grow into a healthier relationship with this phenomenon - one that can more honorably and constructively serve us in our ongoing development to this largely murky, misunderstood and often misleading force. Perhaps only by exploring and staring into that infamous abyss, may we seek to populate it with stars.



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