The underworld of human life is undeniably painful, messy, dark, and overwhelming. The sight of it can be disfigured and horrendous; thus, extreme measures are taken to deny, ignore, cover up, and run away from it. However, the darkness of human life is an important ingredient that gives birth to understanding, humility, compassion, and beauty. The key is to look at our wounds with compassion, honesty, and vulnerability. There is great worth in being vulnerable with our wounds. It takes courage to sit with, feel, and examine our wound because it pains us in the most sacred place of our heart. However, when we allow ourselves to be in mercy of our wound, we find something precious and valuable in it. I was able to arrive at my findings by reflecting on the movement of my experiences and wounds. I sense that one of the most important avenues to our spirituality, growth, and wholeness, is through our wounds. This is particularly valuable for a therapist to take note, as we are often referred to as Wounded Healers. The purpose of sharing this article is that as therapists, we need to know our own vulnerabilities and wounds in order to acknowledge, appreciate, and hear the qualities and values of another’s experiences and struggles. This article tells of my unique story, as I journey through confusion, sorrow and defeat; and in doing so, discover the hidden beauty of the wounded soul.



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