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This article serves as an explorative piece attempting to investigate social networking norms and their contribution towards increased levels of disengagement and disconnection. After recognizing superficial online trends of interaction within her own social network, the author discloses experiencing feelings of hopelessness. In attempt to explore these feelings and unmask the factors underlying these trends, elements of motivation, privacy, and an individual’s relationship with control are discussed. Themes of expectant accessibility and communication within the realm of technology are explored and compared to real life interactions and experiences, with emphasis on an observed dissonance occurring between them. Notions of social networking's contribution to unrealistic expectations of self-image and worth are addressed to caution the reader against over-embellishment and the risks associated with distorted representations of self. Concluding remarks credit the positive influence of social networking’s impact on society while warranting further investigation from the reader. Readers are encouraged to reflect on the topics in attempt to establish their own healthy, balanced relationship with technology and social media.



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