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Division of Counseling and Family Therapy Student Scholarship Review

The DCFT Student Scholarship Review is an open-access on-line journal focused on promoting insights of diverse cultural-contextual perspectives to expand the range of knowledge available in the practice of counseling and systemic psychotherapy. The Student Scholarship Review is intended to house originality—the more exhaustive, the better; the more creative, the better; the more questions promoted, the better. Writers are invited to submit literature reviews, proposed advancements to counseling and systemic theory, social research, clinical case write-ups, personal narratives, concerns of social ethics, contemporary social trends, predictions for future biopsychosocial trends, socio-political commentaries, poetry and short stories.

“When we know something, we come into relationship with it.” John O’Donohue

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal

ISSN 2164-7666

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE) is a scholarly, peer reviewed, open access, online journal focused on the development, advancement, and critique of higher education in the Jesuit tradition. We welcome submissions on the scholarship and practice of Ignatian pedagogy in any academic disciplinary or interdisciplinary context as well as how the Jesuit mission is infused in all aspects of higher education, including student life, experiential learning, and other cocurricular activities.

“For everyone ought to reflect that in all spiritual matters, the more one divests oneself of self-love, self-will, and self-interests, the more progress one will make.”